A space for Digital Nomads in Tulum


Travel, pamper yourself and work at the same time in a place full of mysticism and tranquility. 


Tulum, in addition to being one of the most privileged locations recognized to vacation and get out of the routine, is at the same time, has become an excellent option for those who need to continue with their day to day.  

Working and living on the move today is a trend that has been highlighted by the adoption of remote work.  


Next, we invite you to enter Casa Coyote, a place where we understand the needs of all digital nomads. Find out! 


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Mexican Caribbean: the best place for digital nomads  


We well know that due to the pandemic, the workforce, shifting to remote work practices, and many of the digital nomads have been relocating to Quintana Roo, boosting tourism again.  


Its attractive climate, its tranquility and harmony in every corner, have characterized Tulum as the ideal place for travelers, with hotels that offer attractive and comfortable co-working facilities and accommodation for remote workers. 


Work from paradise in Tulum 


 Have you imagined that your office becomes a paradisiacal place full of magic and good vibes? There is no longer anything that stops you, enjoy life to the fullest and work from Casa Coyote.  


This eco-hotel in Tulum gives you the necessary space to work and form business connections from the paradisiacal Tulum. Casa Coyote Tulum, has beautiful spaces that merge the design and comforts of a boutique hotel, to provide lodging for long or short periods.  


Don’t think twice and transport your office to the Caribbean! 


High speed internet in the middle of the jungle?  


Of course! Casa Coyote and its maximum effort to prioritize the needs of each and every one of the digital nomads who stay here, has a high-speed internet connection, which allows it to maintain an optimal work environment, hand in hand with its minimalist designs, so you will only have to worry about enjoying a different routine in a cozy and cheerful environment. 


 If you want to make a reservation, you can do it here.