Best Museums in Tulum

Sfer Ik Best Museum of Tulum

Visiting the city of Tulum? Discover these museums you can’t miss!

When you think of Tulum, you think of the countless hotels and gastronomic options it has to offer. However, if you want to learn a little more about the history of the place and be impressed by art collections, you’re in the right place.

Below, we list the best museums in Tulum that you must visit during your trip to this magical city. Discover them!

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Mystika Museum.

Mystika Mejores Museos de Tulum

The perfect combination of art, nature and Mayan culture! Mystika is an innovative museum located on Yalku Street, in the Colonia Centro of Tulum,  just 10 minutes from the Eco-Hotel Casa Coyote.

The main reason why you should visit it, is because it is the second most recommended attraction in Tulum, according to Tripadvisor, due to the kaleidoscopic experience that you can experience and that allows you to feel how textures and colors take on a life of their own.

In this place you will find a total of 4 exhibition halls:

  • Sanctuary: Allows you to appreciate the most beautiful flora and fauna of Mexico. Monarch Butterfly, Humpback Whales, Fireflies are some pieces you can see.
  • Maya: To feel like you are in the stars! This collection allows you to enjoy and learn more about the Mayan codices in a 360-degree dome, so you can visualize a starry night, just as the Mayans did in ancient times.
  • Ascensión: The closest thing to the Northern Lights you will see in Tulum! Here you will be able to delight your eyes with a nocturnal image of several archaeological sites, accompanied by stars and colorful skies.
  • Espíritu: Feel the freedom running through your veins! Through this exhibition, you can enjoy and feel the freedom of animals through the eyes of Pepe Soto, author of the exhibition.

The entrance fee is $18 USD or $360 MXN approximately and remember that you must reserve in advance.


Sfer Ik Tulum (Azulik Museum).

Sfer Ik Mejores Museos de Tulum

That’s right, in this list you can’t miss the most Instagrammable museum in Tulum! This museum, also known as Azulik Museum, is located at KM 5 of Tulum’s Hotel Zone, just 15 minutes away from Hotel Casa Coyote.

This place, more than a museum, is a gallery that you have to walk through barefoot. This is because the architecture and ambiance of the place makes reference to a nest, built of wood and various natural elements that allow you to connect with your inner self.

The entrance fee to this exotic place is approximately $10 USD or $200 MXN. What are you waiting for to have your picture taken in such an acclaimed place?


Museum of Prehistory Parque Dos Ojos.

Dos Ojos Mejores Museos de Tulum

Now, if you are more of a fan of history and pre-Hispanic times, this place is for you. We are talking about the Museum of Prehistory, located in the Dos Ojos Cenotes Park, at KM 124 of the Cancun-Tulum Highway and only 30 minutes from Hotel Casa Coyote.

Here you will find an exhibit of prehistoric animals that lived in the area, as well as illustrative information about how the cenotes came to be. Bone exhibits, ancient photographs, Mayan findings and more are some things you can find in this place, where time seems to stand still, and all for $3 USD or $50 MXN approx!

Best of all, at the end of your tour of the museum, you can enjoy snorkeling in the Dos Ojos Cenote or taste a typical dish of the region in the local restaurants.


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