Pack everything you need when traveling to Tulum.


When you travel you tend to forget to put something or when you arrive at your destination you realize that you do not bring the necessary and you have to spend more than planned. With this blog we will help you to avoid these incidents, we will tell you how to complement your suitcase according to the season in which you travel.   

One thing to keep in mind is that Tulum is moist and hot almost all the time, there are only a few moments when you might need some extra layer of clothing to be comfortable.  

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This are some of the basics that you may include in your suitcase:

  • Swimsuit, since the beach is just a few steps you will find yourself wearing this garment basically every day.   
  • Fresh and comfortable clothes, as we mentioned the climate in this part of Mexico is hot and humid most of the year, cotton is the ideal fabric for this type of climate.   
  • Suitable footwear, at least some sandals and a pair of tennis for hiking, sandals will be necessary to go with total comfort to the beach or the pool and tennis will be ideal for hiking in the archaeological areas or on a touring the jungle.   
  • Sunscreen, with the sun in the sky almost all year, so it is necessary that you constantly reappear to protect your skin.   

Now let’s talk about the extras that you must take into account so that, regardless of the season in which you travel, you will always have what you need.   


The season in which everything blooms again and makes the jungle full of colors, the temperature is mostly warm, but with some moments of freshness, so you should have in your suitcase:   

  • Wind breaker or an umbrella, any of these options will be useful since there are occasional rains.   


Months full of heat, is also the season in which the 40 hottest days of the year are located, better known by the locals as Canícula, so you should not miss in your suitcase:   

  • Sunglasses, cap or hat, remember to protect yourself from the sun at all times, so your skin will not burn from the first day making the rest of the days uncomfortable.   
  • Aloe vera, this is a great remedy in case your skin is sensitive when exposed to the sun, you will not have to suffer as soon as you lie down or put something to go out for dinner.   
  • Beach games, some of what you can take without taking away much space in your suitcase are a frisbee or a beach ball, with this you and your family or friends can have hours of fun.   


In these months is the hurricane season, although it is unlikely that you touch one this means that the weather will be affected with a higher probability of rain so you should pack:   

  • Wind breaker or an umbrella, unlike spring, the rains tend to be stronger so you may take your precautions.  
  • Camera, in these months there are many of the national holidays and each state celebrates them differently, so you must bring it to have these memories forever with you.  


The season in which the weather drops more while being warm, for this reason we recommend to bring at least one garment that covers you, this does not have to be too big, enough to make you comfortable.  

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