Tour the Tulum Hotel Zone and fall in love with this destination.


Along the coast of Tulum, a long strip of light and color extends, where, thanks to the unique architecture and decoration of its hotels and establishments, they have allowed this paradisiacal place to be cataloged as one of the most popular and Of course, the most photographed in the world.  


Continue reading to know the most insatiable places in Tulum. 


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Discover the must-see spots in Tulum’s Hotel Zone. 

This place in the Riviera Maya is characterized by having organic elements and full of hidden but magical corners that invite you to take your cell phone or camera and take pictures. 


Follow that dream. 

The first attraction you can come across along the Hotel Zone is the “Follow that dream” sign, similar to a traffic signal. Despite its simplicity, it is a place that has become popular among all the tourists who visit this beautiful place. 



Matcha Mama. 

If you are on vacation but you also think about taking care of yourself, this place is indicated for you. At Matcha Mama you can find juices and smoothies, among other delicious things, which has become popular not only for that, but also for its decoration and atmosphere. 


Like the previous place, it has a sign “I love Tulum so matcha”, which has become famous on social networks. Without a doubt, it is a good place to take some good photos and at the same time, refresh yourself with delicious drinks. 


Ahau Tulum Sculpture Park. 

We are one hundred percent sure that we have seen at least once on our social networks. One of the most photographed places in the Hotel Zone of Tulum, specifically the sculpture “Come to the light“, has become the most iconic of the city. 




Selina Tulum. 

The entrance to this magnificent hostel is one of the most popular attractions in the area. Its tunnel-shaped entrance, made of natural fibers, has become one of the most sought after places by tourists to take pictures.  




This space is dedicated 100% to rabbits and fantasy. Here you can find costumes, crafts, huts, and fun dishes and cocktails inspired by this animal. Conestesia is an amazing beach club on Tulum beach, a unique space where vacations become memorable experiences.  


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