Ecotourism in Tulum


Tulum is the ideal destination for nature, tranquility, sun and beach lovers. Book your vacation at Eco-Hotel Casa Coyote now.


Those who visit Tulum consider it an eco-tourist jewel within the Mayan paradise, due to the great amount of natural attractions that can be found in the area, from cenotes to impressive archaeological sites full of culture and history. Keep reading and discover the eco-tourist activities you can do during your stay in Tulum!


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Tulum: Eco tourist Attractions.

If you are visiting the magical city of Tulum, it is important to know that this city is divided into three main areas, each one with different eco tourist offers. 


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Tulum Archaeological Site.

Tulum’s impressiveness begins in its splendid archeological sites, worthy of visiting at least once during your Riviera Maya vacation.


This Tulum Archaeological Zone stands out for being one of the most popular Mayan sites in Mexico and being surrounded by the Caribbean Sea, forming a natural maritime border worth admiring.


The City of Tulum.

More than a city, Tulum is an eco-tourist center surrounded by impressive natural fresh water springs suitable for swimming, better known as cenotes, as well as coasts of beaches with turquoise waters.


In the city of Tulum you can enjoy different activities that will allow you to enjoy the nature of Tulum, such as: kayaking, biking, observation of the local flora and fauna, meditation, taking a traditional Mayan steam bath “Temazcal”, etc.


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Tulum’s Hotel Zone.

Finally, just a few steps from downtown Tulum, is located the Hotel Zone of Tulum, a region where you can find from eco-hotels to cabins built in jungle style, in which you can enjoy a stay free from the chaos of the city and with very different prices and amenities.


One of the hotels that stands out the most is Eco-Hotel Casa Coyote, a wonderful hotel located in the most exclusive area of Tulum, which has 100% private suites with terrace, located next to the beach, an incredible option for all Eco-Tourism lovers! Book now. 


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