Recommendations to take into account during your vacations in Tulum.


When we go on vacation we do it with the purpose of having a good time, having fun and detoxing from everything we left at home. The last thing we want on our perfect vacation is for something unexpected to happen or for things not to go as we would like.  

In this blog we will leave you with some recommendations that you can take into account for your vacations in Tulum and the Riviera Maya. 


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Status of sargassum on the beaches.  

In recent years the arrival of sargassum to the Caribbean has been one of the problems that have affected the Riviera Maya.   

Although the environmental authorities make a daily effort to eradicate this problem, it is possible that when visiting some beaches you will find sargassum shoals in the sea and on the sand.  

We recommend you to keep informed about the levels of sargassum on pages like Red Sargazo on Facebook, which reports daily on the beaches and their levels of sargassum.


What is the weather like in Tulum?  

One of the great advantages that Tulum has and that undoubtedly is a fundamental part of its essence is its climate. And it is thanks to its geographical location that the climate of this area is tropical, so the sun is the protagonist almost all year round.   

In fact, there are very few occasions in which bad weather is present in this destination, but don’t worry! We recommend you to keep up with the weather forecast in the area, since in many occasions bad weather is only a matter of minutes.


Covid-19 during the vacations.

Covid-19 is still an issue for your Riviera Maya vacation. As such, the Mexican government does not require any type of test to visit the country nor is it necessary to pass any type of quarantine, so you will be able to enjoy your vacation to the fullest.  

Likewise, since a few months ago it is not mandatory to continue wearing a mask, you can choose whether to wear it or not, although there are few places where you may be asked to do so. We recommend you to have one on hand for these cases.  

As for suspicions and Covid tests, in Tulum there are several clinical laboratories where you can get them done, as well as in local health centers.   

Something you should take into account is that some countries continue to request negative tests to travel from Cancun, so you can take the rapid test at the Cancun Airport. 



Sustainable vacations in the Caribbean.

Something we should start taking into account when vacationing in Tulum, is that it is a destination where you can be in contact with nature. Literally.   

So it is important to take into consideration to respect and take care of the flora and fauna of the destination. Tulum is located between the Caribbean Sea and the Mayan jungle, so it is very normal to see animals such as turtles, fish, iguanas, crocodiles, and other species anywhere. Be respectful with these species, do not feed them, do not try to scare them or touch them, because they are wild animals that probably will not react in the best way when they feel attacked.   

Likewise, try to keep beaches and jungle areas free of garbage and pollutants by following some of these recommendations:  

  • Choose to use biodegradable sunscreens on beaches or cenotes.  
  • Avoid the use of plastic bags in places such as beaches, jungle, etc. 
  • Pick up your garbage, since it can reach the animals in the area.  
  • Do not spill liquids (other than water) or oils down the drain.  

Remember! The more we take care of our spaces, the more beautiful our vacations will be. 


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