Top 5 best restaurants in Tulum 2022


Traveling to Tulum, by nature, is a multisensory experience. Full of paradisiacal beaches and magnificent natural views, they make it one of the best destinations in the Mexican Caribbean.  


Let yourself fall in love with its exquisite gastronomy in one of its spectacular restaurants full of life, original and exotic in every sense of the word.  


Continue reading to discover the top 5 of the most beautiful and magical restaurants in Tulum. Bon Appetite! 


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Parole Ristorante. 

For lovers of Italian food, Parole Ristorante is the right place to taste, in addition to delicious Italian food, history and tradition. It is located in the heart of the hotel zone of Tulum and is characterized by being a totally rustic and cozy space, which offers its guests true Italian cuisine in a fresh and creative way.  


Without a doubt, Parole will make you take a trip to the Mediterranean coast with its exquisite dishes. 




Casa Banana. 

Casa Banana offers Argentinian food in Tulum. Its concept encompasses innovative techniques and ingredients that provide you, the diner, with a totally unique and rustic experience. Its atmosphere is very natural and friendly, making it one of the best places to enjoy a dinner with your partner or friends 




Rosa Negra. 

Paying tribute to Latin American gastronomy, we have Rosa Negra, where you can find unique flavors from Peru, Argentina, Colombia, Brazil and Mexico. Be amazed by its colorful and eclectic dishes that Rosa Negra has for you.   




Looking for a different concept? Arca is perfect for you. This restaurant with seasonal and fresh food is a paradise of flavors in each of its dishes. Its menu exalts the cultural traditions of Mexico presenting exquisite wood-fired creations that will make your palate fall in love.   





If bohemian experience is what you have been looking for, you have found the best place. Grupo Gitano offers an architectural space where its brightness and totally tropical atmosphere stand out, perfect for tasting the best gastronomic offer in Tulum. It is characterized by serving contemporary Mexican food, with dishes mostly prepared in a wood oven and grilled.  



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Now that you know all about the most important restaurants in Tulum, you are ready to live the best vacation of your life.   


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