Tulum, a place full of culture and magic.


A trip to Tulum will transport you to a place full of culture, magic, and adventure, mainly due to the ancestral burden it has since this is the location of the Mayan civilization. Just do it, travel to Tulum. 

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The Mayan civilization.  

Being one of the most proliferating cultures of the pre-Hispanic era and the main ones of Mesoamerica, encompassing southern Mexico and part of central America provided great advances in areas such as mathematics, astronomy, calendarization, architecture and ecology.   

Being outstanding in those areas made today we can enjoy beautiful places like Chichen Itzá, which is recognized as one of the wonders of the modern world. In Tulum and its surroundings, you can also find archaeological areas that will allow you to have a look at the past.  

You can also find traces in local cathedrals of the mix between Mayan culture and its beliefs with Catholicism brought by the Spanish, especially during the celebrations of La Cruz Parlante. In this area was carried out the Guerra de Castas that ended in 1901, in it the Mayan people rose up in arms seeking their autonomy and freedom of worship. 

Ancestral language.   

When you travel to Tulum you will find many places with Mayan names and many people who still use this language on a daily basis or with simple expressions.  Maya is the second most spoken indigenous language in Mexico just below Nahuatl.   

Take this opportunity to learn a little about a new language, you will be able to see yourself using some of the most famous phrases in your daily life to help preserve the beauty of the Mayan culture and everything it has to offer today. 

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