Weather in Tulum

Weather in Tulum

Are you planning a trip to Tulum soon? Find out what is the type of weather in Tulum and the best season to visit this paradisiacal place!


The city of Tulum is distinguished by its tropical jungle and turquoise waters, which have positioned it as the number one destination in Mexico for a vacation full of relaxation and total disconnection from city life.

Because of this, every year thousands of tourists decide to visit Tulum, a magical town full of incredible landscapes, beaches, gastronomy and activities to do. So, if you are thinking of booking a vacation in Tulum, here we recommend the best season to do it according to the weather:


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What types of weather are in Tulum, Quintana Roo?


Clima en Tulum


Thanks to its privileged location in the southeast of Mexico, next to the coast of the Caribbean Sea, the city of Tulum has a tropical climate throughout the year, which has made it the perfect destination to travel and enjoy its beautiful beaches, regardless of the time of year.


The average temperature is 26 degrees Celsius, with a warm sub-humid tropical climate. However, these temperatures usually rise during July, reaching up to 32 °C, while the lowest temperatures occur in January, with around 17 °C, being the rainiest season from March to October.


What is the best season to visit Tulum?


Clima en Tulum


For tourists, the best time to visit the town of Tulum, Quintana Roo is during the first four months of the year, that is, from December to April during the driest season.


Because of this, Tulum has become the favorite place for some foreigners who prefer to flee the cold of their countries to enjoy the tropical climate during their winter and spring vacations.


This time of the year is ideal to enjoy a relaxing day at the beach, take a walk in Tulum’s Hotel Zone or have fun with one of the many activities that this magical town has to offer.  Also, during these dates there are a lot of festivals and concerts which you can enjoy, such as: Zamna Festival (Electronic Music Festival), Tulum Bachata Lovers, Tantra Fridays, Yoga Retreat, Carnival and much more.


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As we already mentioned, Tulum is a town with a lot to offer. Enjoying a vacation in this magical town represents the perfect opportunity to get away from routine and surround yourself with a natural environment, nothing better than the Mayan jungle.


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