Tulum Cenotes

Tulum Cenotes

Tulum is home to the most impressive cenotes in the Riviera Maya! Discover the best cenotes you must visit during your vacation in Tulum.


It is well known that Tulum is a tropical paradise, full of impressive attractions and natural landscapes. In this area you can find some cenotes that stand out for their incredible beauty, they also offer the opportunity to coexist with nature in a unique way, you can’t miss them!

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What is a Cenote?

The door to the Mayan world! Cenotes are land and rock formations in the shape of a well, filled with fresh water and generally supplied by a subway river or spring, hence the name cenote, which in Mayan means “deep thing”.

These cenotes have a very ancient origin, as it is believed that they were formed during the time of the mammoths. Because of this, they can only be found in the Yucatan Peninsula, so if you are visiting the area, you definitely have to visit them and swim in them, a jewel of nature that you must visit!


Cenotes to visit in Tulum.

Here is a list of the best cenotes near Tulum, perfect for relaxing, swimming and snorkeling.


Cenote Ak Tun (Carwash), 8 km from Tulum.

Tulum Cenotes

One of the most impressive cenotes only 8 km from Tulum! This open-air cenote is called Ak Tun Ha, but in the area it is colloquially known as Carwash. The entrance fee is only $70 pesos, and will give you free access to enjoy an unparalleled swimming and diving experience.

This cenote is part of a system of 5 cenotes and is approximately 50 meters deep, so if you are a diving lover, we assure you that you will enjoy it. It is ideal for the whole family and if you are lucky, while you swim, you may encounter a variety of fish, turtles and other animals.

Getting to this place is very easy, if you are in Tulum the first thing you should do is take a cab or van in the direction of Coba, then inform the driver where you want to go, he will take you in a jiffy.


Cenote Zazil Ha, 10 km from Tulum.

Tulum Cenotes

An ideal cenote to escape for a day! If you don’t know how to dive, but still want to visit a lovely cenote, Zazil Ha is the option for you.

This cenote is located very close to Ak Tun and Tulum, with a depth of approximately 3 meters and is characterized for being outdoors, as well as for its beautiful turquoise waters.

Here you will find a great variety of activities to do, from zip lines, cabanas, picnics, diving, to hammocks, etc. You will have fun all day long! And best of all, this cenote has dressing rooms, restrooms and parking.

The entrance fee is only $80 Mexican pesos or $5 dollars, so don’t hesitate to visit it!


Gran Cenote, 5 km from Tulum.

Tulum Cenotes

The cenote that every tourist must visit when visiting Tulum! Throughout the year, this cenote receives hundreds of tourists who come to Tulum exclusively to visit it, since its peculiar half-moon shape makes this place one of the most popular in the area.

As in Cenote Azul Ha, here you will find a great variety of fun and services: restrooms, parking, snorkel equipment rental, etc.

Its depth is only 10 meters, an ideal depth for beginners and expert divers. Those who visit it will have the opportunity to visit a large cave system located inside the cenote, since its crystal-clear waters allow perfect visibility of the rock formations.


Recomendaciones para acudir a un cenote.

Now that you have decided to visit a cenote, it is important to follow certain recommendations to make the most of this opportunity:

  • Use biodegradable sunscreen, this in order not to pollute or damage the ecosystem.
  • Avoid leaving garbage in the area, since it can go to the bottom of the cenote causing alterations in it.
  • Follow to the letter all the recommendations of the lifeguards of the cenotes, since some of them have marine currents that can put you in danger.
  • Wear a life jacket at all times to avoid accidents, as the cenotes are usually deep.
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