Where to stay in Tulum? Best Hotels

Dónde está Tulum

Everything is worthwhile in Tulum and its hotels are some of the things we recommend you to visit. Discover the Best Hotels in Tulum!

Tulum is one of the favorite destinations for those who visit Cancun or the Riviera Maya, thanks to its incredible nature and paradisiacal waters. However, we know there are a lot of options when it comes to Tulum lodging, that’s why if you’re looking for the best hotels in Tulum, you’ve come to the right place! 

Now, we list the best options to stay in Tulum and spend an incredible vacation: 

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Casa Coyote Tulum Hotel. 

When you think of Tulum, you have to think of Hotel Casa Coyote! This Eco-Hotel is located in the most exclusive area of Tulum and has exclusive suites with 100% private terrace, located next to the beach, a truly charming hotel. 

This place has positioned itself as a favorite among travelers for its incredible location near the heart of Tulum and the main restaurants such as Santo Mercado. It also has one of the most privileged views in the area, imagine enjoying a beautiful sunset accompanied by a glass of wine! 

This incredible place has 23 private rooms that cost between 100 USD or 2,000 Mexican pesos, offering incredible value for money. 

Hotel Casa Coyote is ideal for small groups, couples or digital nomads looking for an authentic experience of connection with nature. And best of all, you can enjoy various experiences such as El Loco Tulum Restaurant, Temazcal Casa Coyote and the Spa. 

Hotel Casa Coyote Tulum

Best of Casa Coyote Hotel: 

  • Privileged location, 5 minutes from the best restaurants, bars and stores in the area.
  • High speed WIFI in all areas of the Hotel without additional charges.
  • Rooms feature amenities such as private bathroom, Mayan ventilation, air conditioning, full closet and more. 
  • Free access to the beach club included. 
  • Quiet environment that seeks to provide a connection with nature.

Be Tulum Hotel. 

Hotel Be is known in the area as one of the most unique Tulum hotels. Endowed with an impressive rustic appearance and rich visual nature, this hotel approaches a luxury experience where guests enjoy the best of the Tulum jungle.

Hotel Be Tulum

Be Tulum is excellent for those who are looking for a magical, luxurious and organic environment. It has 64 rooms surrounded by paradisiacal air (which are around 300 USD or 6,000 Mexican pesos), where you can enjoy a moment of relaxation in front of the beach. 

This hotel has 3 restaurants offering an unparalleled dining experience, an outdoor swimming pool, whirlpool tubs and massage services. 

Best of Be Tulum Hotel: 

  • Minimalist decoration that fuses nature and design. 
  • Beachfront location, ideal for relaxing. 
  • Internet connection in all areas of the hotel at no additional cost. 
  • Laundry service and private parking. 
  • Indoor and outdoor swimming pools. 
  • 24-hour front desk service.

Hotel Be Tulum

Hotel Azulik Tulum.  

Considered by travelers as the best hotel in Tulum, this hotel represents the perfect fusion between art, architecture and nature, accompanied by an excellent location that offers a wealth of options and activities ideal for both couples and groups of friends.


Yes, we are talking about the famous Instagram hotel: Hotel Azulik. This private hotel will provide you with great comfort and luxury. An excellent option exclusively for adults, as it has a secluded nudist beach, perfect for sunbathing or swimming.

All rooms are around 600 USD or 12,000 Mexican pesos and have an incredible private terrace to enjoy views of the majestic Tulum jungle and the imposing blue sea. However, as they are ecological rooms, they do not have TV, telephone or electricity so that guests can rest and generate the connection with nature that they are looking for. 

This hotel, set in the Mayan tradition, offers a magical experience accompanied by: a delicious breakfast and lunch, beachfront bar, spa and beauty center. You can’t miss the incredible traditional treatments!

Hotel Azulik Tulum

Best of Hotel Azulik Tulum: 

  • Free WIFI in the lobby. 
  • Rooms with private terrace and jacuzzi facing the sea. 
  • Outdoor Mayan tub. 
  • Incredible Balinese hanging bed. 
  • Outdoor swimming pool. 

We hope you enjoy these options, We are waiting for you soon in Tulum!