Temazcal in Tulum: Everything you need to know.

Temazcal in Tulum

Come to Tulum and live the mystical experience of Mayan purification in the Temazcal of Hotel Casa Coyote.

Tulum is known for being a place to reconnect with your inner self, so you can’t leave this magical town without experiencing the magical pre-Hispanic Temazcal ritual in Hotel Casa Coyote, ideal to purify your soul and body. Keep Reading and find out all about this wonderful ancestral purification experience!

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What is Temazcal?

The concept of Temazcal has its origin around the 5th century, since it comes from the Nahuatl language “Temazcalli”, which means: “temaz-vapor” and “calli: temple”, so both make up the word “steam temple”.

This temple is shaped like an igloo, as it symbolizes Mother Earth that feeds us and gives us life, so when a person is inside the temazcal, it is said that they are entering the womb of the Earth.

This kind of round-shaped hut, measuring between two to five meters in diameter and an average of one and a half meters in height, has a small stove known as “tlexictli (navel of fire)”, which is used to place firewood. Also, inside the temple you can find small bonfires representing the Sun God, which are used to heat stones and medicinal herbs.

Temazcal en Tulum

What does the Temazcal ceremony in Tulum consist of?

Temazcal is a pre-Hispanic medicinal ritual that consists of a steam bath like a sauna, with spiritual and therapeutic purposes, whose main objective is to connect those who participate in it with the spirit of their ancestors to ask for good vibes for them and their loved ones.

The average duration of the Temazcal is from 1 to 3 hours and up to 8 people can participate, which makes it an excellent place to share a special moment with your partner, family or friends. To better understand this ritual, we explain in detail what it consists of:

Beginning of the Temazcal purification in Tulum.

The first step of the ceremony is to enter the Temazcal at Hotel Casa Coyote, we suggest you do it in a bathing suit for comfort. As the participants enter the Temazcal, they will be seated in a circular shape because in the center, burning rocks will be placed, which the Shaman will splash with water and medicinal herbs to form the healing vapors of the Temazcal, all this while several spiritual prayers are intoned.

Once all members have entered, the entrance to the Temazcal will be closed with various cloths to leave the temple in complete darkness.

Temazcal en Tulum

During the Temazcal ritual.

Now, the shaman will proceed to unify the 4 elements of Mother Earth in herbal vapors, this procedure is repeated 4 times, where new red hot stones are introduced to open the 4 doors of the Temazcal: Earth, Water, Air and Fire. During this process, the participants together with the shaman perform a type of meditation to initiate the spiritual cleansing.

In the Temazcal vaporization, the body absorbs the healing properties of the herbs used and through the sweat, all the toxins are expelled from the body, thus renewing the organism and the mind. You will feel how the vapors and the meditation purify your soul!

End of the Traditional Temazcal in Tulum.

At the end of the 4 times, the participants leave the Temazcal one by one slowly, to symbolize the rebirth to life. Outside the Temazcal, the guardian of the Temazcal will be waiting with medicinal herbs and when everyone has left the Temazcal, we will proceed to share the magical experience.

Benefits of Temazcal.

If you visit Tulum, you must attend the Temazcal at Hotel Casa Coyote, because besides purifying your soul, this ritual has incredible healing properties for your skin, respiratory system and much more. This is due to the medicinal plants used within the ritual, such as rosemary, eucalyptus, lemon, etc. Some of the benefits of the temazcal are:

  • Through the heat bath, you can eliminate various toxins that accumulate in the skin, so the Temazcal is ideal to stimulate the renewal of this tissue.
  • Likewise, the steam together with the medicinal plants, helps to unclog the airways of those who suffer from frequent colds, bronchitis, asthma, etc, freeing their pulmonary system.
  • The Temazcal is also ideal to treat circulatory diseases, since the heat dilates the blood vessels allowing the expulsion of toxins and a greater blood flow.
  • Finally, this relaxing ritual helps to reduce the stress levels of the participants, as well as insomnia.
    Temazcal en Tulum

Live the Temazcal Experience in Tulum.

Come and purify your soul and body in this ancestral Mayan experience! We invite you to book a Temazcal session during your visit in Tulum at Hotel Casa Coyote. This mystical activity is ideal to do with your partner, family or friends and you will have the opportunity to live an authentic Mayan ritual, where you will enjoy the contact with nature. We are waiting for you at Temazcal Casa Coyote Tulum!