Jungle Style Gym Tulum

Jungle Gym Casa Coyote

The new outdoor training experience at Hotel Casa Coyote Tulum!

Tulum is known for its paradisiacal beaches and nature surrounded by the Mayan jungle. This place is a favorite among tourists to disconnect from the routine and spend a tuluminati moment.

That is why currently, a new concept of gym in Tulum has emerged, in order to transform this experience into something according to the vibes that this magical town transmits. Read on and let yourself be amazed by the Jungle Gym Tulum!

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What is Jungle Gym Tulum ?

A gym with a peculiar style that you will only find in Tulum! The Jungle Gym as its name suggests, is a gym that presents a peculiar proposal, its equipment is made and carved with natural materials from the region: wood, bamboo and stone, Paleolithic style, giving it a unique touch and above all ecological.

This gym mainly seeks to provide tourists with a new experience about exercising Tulum style, where the training is very exotic and natural, imagine feeling the sea breeze of Tulum during your fitness routines!

Without a doubt, this special gym is the perfect combination of passion for exercise and nature. Since the location of the Jungle Gym Tulum , allows tourists to train freely and comfortably with swimsuit or bikini.

Hotel Casa Coyote Jungle Gym

What to do in Jungle Gym Tulum Casa Coyote?

This wonderful gym can be enjoyed free of charge at Hotel Casa Coyote and is fully equipped so you can perform your routine without any problems.

Algunos de los equipos y aparatos que puedes encontrar son:

  • Some of the equipment and devices you can find are:
  • Wooden, stone or marble dumbbells of different weights.
  • Log bench presses.
  • Wooden and bamboo Olympic plates and bars.
  • Heavy lifting logs.
  • Wooden and bamboo squat racks.
  • Wood and stone olympic discs
  • And more!

In addition, there is a special stretching area, which is ideal for yoga or meditation.

Casa Coyote Hotel with Tulum Jungle Gym.

Remember that with your reservation you get free access to Casa Coyote’s Jungle Gym: An open-air gym in front of the pool of the eco-hotel in Tulum, famous for its incredible views and a favorite among fitness people.

You will live a tropical experience, where after your training you can enjoy an authentic Mediterranean meal in the hotel restaurant, we are waiting for you!