Where is Tulum?

Where are Tulum?

Want to visit Tulum but don’t know how to get there? Here we tell you all about this popular destination in the Riviera Maya.


Every year, the Riviera Maya receives hundreds of tourists in search of paradisiacal beaches and natural attractions to enjoy. However, Tulum stands out for the great amount of activities you can find. So, if you are visiting Cancun, Playa del Carmen, Cozumel and you are looking for a new destination to visit, Tulum is the best option for you!


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Where is Tulum, Mexico located?

A hidden paradise in the middle of the jungle! Tulum is a city located in the state of Quintana Roo, north of the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico. Its privileged location by the sea, makes this place an impressive area.

It is considered a magical town for its wide range of tourist and natural attractions. This city is divided into two: Tulum Playa, where all the tourist attractions of the area are concentrated, from beaches, hotels, restaurants and more. While Tulum Pueblo, is characterized by the population that lives in the magical town.

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How to get to Tulum?

Now, getting to Tulum is very easy and will depend on the destination where you are.

It is important to note that there are no direct flights to Tulum, so you will have to land at a nearby airport, such as Cozumel (located 65.29 km from Tulum) or Cancun (located 110.4 km from Tulum).

Once at the airport, you will need to rent a car or take a bus to get directly to Tulum:

  • If you are in Cancun, it will take you an average time of 1 hour 44 min.
  • If you are in Playa del Carmen, it will take you an average time of 55 minutes.
  • If you are in Bacalar, it will take you an average time of 2 hours 39 minutes.

Private Transportation to Tulum.

The easiest way to get to Tulum is by private transportation. Either in your own car, rented car or with a private transportation service that picks you up from the airport or your hotel and takes you directly to Tulum. With this, forget about long bus routes and unnecessary stops, since the road is in excellent condition.

ADO to Tulum.

Taking the bus to Tulum is very easy and comfortable, since all units have air conditioning and adjustable seats. You can travel to Tulum by ADO bus.

There are numerous daily departures so you can choose the one that best suits your schedule.

What is Tulum known for?

You’ll never get bored in Tulum! A great part of the attractions of this city is the number of restaurants and beach clubs where you can enjoy an excellent atmosphere and fun.

In addition, you will find other attractions such as the Tulum Sky Tower, where you can enjoy a breakfast at high altitudes; Mayan archaeological sites, fresh water Cenotes, turquoise beaches free of sargassum and countless sculptures, worthy of being photographed.

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