Pack everything you need when traveling to Tulum.

When you travel you tend to forget to put something or when you arrive at your destination you realize that you do not bring the necessary and you have to spend more than planned. With this blog we will help you to avoid these incidents, we will tell you how to complement your suitcase according […]

Tulum, a place full of culture and magic.

A trip to Tulum will transport you to a place full of culture, magic, and adventure, mainly due to the ancestral burden it has since this is the location of the Mayan civilization. Just do it, travel to Tulum.  You may be interested in:  Tulum national park  The Mayan civilization.   Being one of the most […]

Get to know the benefits of doing home office in tulum.

In the last couple of years, the home office modality has ceased to be something that very few had the joy of experiencing and has become an option to which many new and old companies have begun to shift. This has allowed many workers to get to know new parts of the world as they […]

Discover the 4 best cenotes near Tulum.

Tulum is one of the most dynamic tropical paradises of the Riviera Maya because in this beautiful town you can find endless activities to enjoy your summer to the limit. Among them are the cenotes, and refreshing natural pools of crystal clear water that you must visit.   In this blog, we share all the […]

Recommendations to take into account during your vacations in Tulum.

When we go on vacation we do it with the purpose of having a good time, having fun and detoxing from everything we left at home. The last thing we want on our perfect vacation is for something unexpected to happen or for things not to go as we would like.   In this blog we […]

Top 4 Tulum summer activities.

Tulum is one of the most special vacation destinations in the Riviera Maya. Its excellent location between the Mayan jungle and the Caribbean Sea make this place a true tropical paradise.   In addition to its great turquoise beaches, there are several attractions and special places worth visiting to experience the best summer in Quintana Roo.   […]

Tour the Tulum Hotel Zone and fall in love with this destination.

Along the coast of Tulum, a long strip of light and color extends, where, thanks to the unique architecture and decoration of its hotels and establishments, they have allowed this paradisiacal place to be cataloged as one of the most popular and Of course, the most photographed in the world.     Continue reading to know […]

Top 5 best restaurants in Tulum 2022

Traveling to Tulum, by nature, is a multisensory experience. Full of paradisiacal beaches and magnificent natural views, they make it one of the best destinations in the Mexican Caribbean.     Let yourself fall in love with its exquisite gastronomy in one of its spectacular restaurants full of life, original and exotic in every sense of […]

How to get to Tulum from Cancun?

Tulum is located 130 km from the city of Cancun, discover the easiest way to get to this Magic Town!   Going from Cancun to Tulum is one of the most common trips in the Riviera Maya. After visiting the paradisiacal city of Cancun, you feel like going to the city of Tulum, a place in […]

Tulum National Park

Tulum National Park Casa Coyote

Come to Tulum and enjoy a tour around its National Park, endowed with beautiful landscapes, discover more about this place!   During your visit to the Riviera Maya, it is highly necessary to stop by Tulum and even more, to visit the National Park, a protected place destined to the conservation and preservation of the […]